Powers Elementary School

Powers Elementary School

Project Description: This project included the reconstruction and extension of the existing parking lot, as well as relocating the utility garage and a dumpster enclosure addition. The sidewalk was also extended from the recently completed Inman Parkway sidewalk to the elementary school front entrance. The existing multi-use path from Iris Drive to Powers Elementary was also resurfaced.

Client: Beloit Turner School District

Location: 620 Hillside Avenue, Town of Beloit, WI

Project Year: 2021

Lead Batterman Staff: Frank McKearn, Alex Feuling

Batterman Services: Survey-Topo, Site/Civil-grading, drainage, parking lot, ADA compliance, bidding/contracts, const eng-management, inspection, staking/layout

Biggest Challenge and How it was Solved: This project had a tight timeframe to complete during the summer before school started.

There was extensive coordination with the client and contractor on required schedules, and on-site inspection/assistance to keep the contractor on schedule to meet important project milestones.

Field Data: Site area: 53,582 sqft, 1.23 acres, 79 parking spaces

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