Site / Civil Design

Our engineers support public and private design projects from concept to completion with sustainable practices and innovative solutions that can overcome even the most difficult project challenges.

We have experience designing and managing public construction projects at the local, county, regional, and state level. Our team of engineers are skilled in designing roadways, bridges, wastewater treatment plants, sanitary and watermain infrastructure projects, and more. We also assist municipalities in developing detailed capital improvement plans so they can accurately budget and plan for future projects.

Batterman also has a long resume of private design projects. Our team works closely with project stakeholders to create practical, cost-effective designs. Examples of projects we have worked on include the conversion of an old coal-powered power plant to a college student union and the rehabilitation and repurposing of a century-old foundry and fabrication plant to a multi-use commercial property that houses cutting-edge technology companies, a golf lab, and a YMCA.

Featured Projects

I-39 Highway Project

I-39 Reconstruction (STH 11 to USH 14)

This complex IH 39 expansion project involved reconstruction of the most urban section of the IH 39 corridor from STH 11 to USH 14. Key components of this complex staged project include twelve bridges, six MSE retaining walls, nine noise walls, major grading operations, four lanes of concrete pavement, and all new storm sewer.
County H In Kenosha County

County Highway H Reconstruction

This 0.8-mile reconstruction/perpetuation project includes geometric expansion and turn lane additions required for a 350,000 SF Kroger Distribution Center.
Delavan Tower Project

Delavan Tower Park

Project Description: Located in the heart of downtown Delevan, the site was constrained on all sides by a State Highway, residential houses, and downtown businesses. The City wanted to expand the park’s square footage to help establish the park as a central, community-defining, public, and event space.
Beloit Powerhouse Bridge Walk

Beloit College Powerhouse Riverwalk

10 span pedestrian bridge along the Rock River as part of the Beloit College Powerhouse Building.  The project will be a part of the riverfront revitalization commitment made by the City of Beloit and will connect a gap in the riverfront trail system through the area.