Beloit Turner Middle School Administration Parking Lot Expansion

Beloit Turner Middle School

Project Description: This project included seal coating and modifying the existing parking lot to improve traffic flow, safety, ADA access, 71 additional parking stalls, and a connection to Flack Road. Grading and berms for on-campus cross-country routes were also implemented.

Client: Beloit Turner School District

Location: 1237 E Inman Parkway, Town of Beloit, WI

Project Year: 2021

Lead Batterman Staff: Alex Feuling

Batterman Services: Survey-topo, Site Design-parking lot, permitting, bid solicitation and contracting, construction management/inspection, construction staking

Biggest Challenge and How it was Solved: The school wanted to include berms and grade change on site for a future cross-country route. The site is fairly flat and the parking lot expansion project would not yield a significant amount of spoil material.

It was coordinated to use spoil material from four other Turner School District projects that were also taking place, to provide the required amount of material to construct the berms.

Field Data: 195,105 sqft, 4.48 acres

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