West Milwaukee St. (River St. To Center Ave.)

West Milwaukee St. (River St. To Center Ave.)

Project Description: The West Milwaukee St. project was a six-block reconstruction project located in the downtown area in the City of Janesville.  The project improvements included installing new water and storm sewer systems, updating to a straight-through traffic movement throughout the project with raised intersections for a more pedestrian-friendly downtown.  The project also includes many decorative features such as colored concrete walkways and terraces, concrete planter walls at each intersection, decorative lighting, and communal furniture.

Client: Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Location: City of Janesville

Project Year: 2021

Lead Batterman Staff: Lead by Jon Olinger, Assistant – Colten Tuescher

Batterman Services: Construction Management

Biggest Challenge and How it was Solved: The biggest challenge for this project was the access and communication to property owners and businesses within the project. The communication process led by the Batterman team included a weekly update email and constant contact with businesses.

Field Data: 10,000 SY Concrete Pavement, 41,000 SF of concrete Sidewalk, Decorative Colored Sidewalks, Decorative lighting fixtures

Related Markets: Transportation