Nicholas Jayne

Professional Engineer, Certified Floodplain Manager

Nicholas Jayne

Year Started: 2020

Service Area: Engineering

Degree: B.S. Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering

School: Purdue University

Nick is a Wisconsin and Illinois Professional Engineer with experience in stormwater and floodplain management design.  He is experienced with all aspects of site development on both large- and small-scale projects.  Nick currently works as a Design Engineer on a variety of site development projects providing site engineering and stormwater management.

Nick holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering from Purdue University. 

He grew up in Whiteland, Indiana, and currently resides in Sharon, Wisconsin with his wife, Emily, and their daughter.

Outside of work, Nick and his wife enjoy working on their 100-year-old home and are active in their church, leading a worship team.  He also plays several musical instruments, with his main focus on the guitar.  Nick likes to play golf and enjoys keeping his garden weed-free.