Glen Hills – Plat 6

Glen Hills – Plat 6

Project Description: This project included road and underground construction for Glen Hills – Plat 6, rural cross-section, 17 single-family lots, watermain extension, water and sewer services, and stormwater management.

 Client: New Leaf Homes LLC

Location: Town of Beloit, WI

Project Year: 2018-2019

Lead Batterman Staff: Frank McKearn, Alex Feuling

Batterman Services: Surveying-topo, plat, municipal-water and sanitary design, civil-stormwater, transportation-local road, construction-management, inspection, staking

Biggest Challenge and How it was Solved: No regional detention was provided for the existing surrounding developments. An outlet area for an infiltration basin large enough to handle the existing developments plus the new development was included to meet stormwater volume and quality requirements while maximizing the buildable lot areas.

The backs of lots and existing drainage easements were utilized to design a pond that met local and state requirements.

Field Data: 17 single-family lots

Site area: 309,296 sqft, 7.10 acres

Related Markets: residential, town