The Lincoln Academy

The Lincoln Academy

Project Description: This urban redevelopment project included the construction of a three-story charter school and associated driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, playground, and utilities. This project was a collaborative effort with the charter school, design architects, contractor, and the local municipality.

Client: The Lincoln Academy through Corporate Contractors, Inc.

Location: Beloit, WI

Project Year: Design 2019-2020, Construction 2020-2021

Lead Batterman Staff: Frank McKearn, Alex Feuling, Kristin Belongia

Batterman Services: Land Surveying– site topography, Certified Survey Map (CSM), easement document assistance,  Civil Design-concept planning, site grading, stormwater management, utility relocation, new utilities, land surveying-construction layout

Biggest Challenge and How it was Solved: This project had a quick timeline to complete construction by the fall 2021 school year, working with multiple stakeholders. There was limited site space, grade changes, and existing public utilities.

Weekly calls with all involved parties were instrumental in staying on schedule and maintaining coordination. There was limited site space to meet stormwater quality requirements with surface ponds, so underground storage beneath the parking lot was implemented. Coordination with the City of Beloit, our design team, and our survey department allowed us to relocate conflicting public utility mains into new easements and maintain the intended building design with no alterations required.

Field Data: 46,000 sqft, 3-story building

Site area: 187,684 sqft, 4.31 Acres

Related Markets: education, site development, utility design