The Oaks – Plat 2

The Oaks – Plat 2

Project Description: This project included roadway and underground construction for a 21 single-family home subdivision. Urban section, watermain extension, sanitary sewer extension, storm sewer, and infiltration basin.

Client: Hendricks Commercial Properties

Location: City of Beloit, WI

Project Year: 2019-2020

Lead Batterman Staff: Frank McKearn, Alex Feuling

Batterman Services: Survey-topo, plat, municipal-water sanitary storm design, roadway, permitting, construction engineering-inspection, management

Biggest Challenge and How it was Solved:

  • Coordination with new City Engineer and the required standards
  • Facilitated Client and City meetings to discuss requirements and intentions
  • Provided designs based on the meetings to meet the client’s needs and comply with City standards
  • Included coordination and implementation of a Cluster Mailbox System per the requirements of the USPS
  • Preserved as many large existing Oak trees as possible while maximizing developable lots and included an infiltration basin

Field Data: 21 single-family lots

Site area: 814,572 sqft, 18.70 acres

Related Markets: residential, city